Canvas and hessian

Canvas and hessian

Canvas, Monks Cloth, linen and hessian for latch hook rugs, punch needle, rag rugs, needlepoint and tapestry in a number of thread counts or holes per inch (hpi).

We supply the finest quality Zweigart canvas in 1.3 holes per cm (3.3 hpi), 1.8 holes per cm (4.5 hpi) , 2.9 holes per cm (7 hpi), 4 holes per cm (10 hpi), 4.8 holes per cm (12 hpi), 5.6 holes per cm (14 hpi) and Penelope 10 hpi.

We have linen for punch needle and hessian in 10 ounce and 12 ounce for backing and for rag rugs as well as linen thread, jute and cotton binding tape

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